”SOUVENIRS” – Jazz-interpretations of Finnish Composers, vol. 2 Alan Matheson – Wade Mikkola Duo 2017

”Souvenirs” continues the theme started by this duo’s previous CD – “Summer Evening – Jazz Interpretations of Oskar Merikanto’s Music”. The new “Jazz Interpretations of Finnish Composers, Vol. 2” consists of music by Jean Sibelius, Erik Lindström, Toivo Kärki and George De Godzinsky, again setting the original compositions in a new framework, fusing them inventively with jazz elements.
This CD was recorded and released 2017 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence. Actually the Sibelius composition “Norden” (“North”) was composed appropriately in 1917 and is included in the album.
Listen how these beautiful Finnish melodies are fitted into the jazz mood with this intimate and minimalistic setting.